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Happy Holidays from Mandarina Duck

2015 was a year in which Mandarina Duck’s social media following on Instagram grew to 2500 and on Facebook even to 33000!

We are taking this festive period as the perfect time to look back and see what you, the Mandarina Duck fans and customers have liked the best.

The Utility backpack was an obvious favourite: whether in black, yellow, camouflage green, blue or in red, this trusted and functional basic is loved all around.

Olimpia Zagnoli’s collaboration with Mandarina Duck also created quite some buzz! The explosion of colours within this collection had our comments section overflowing with hearts and enthusiastic tagging of your friends who you just wanted to share this news with.

As proof that Mandarina Duck is also an eternally chic label with pieces that can be worn from work to night, a beautifully monochrome image of our geometrical black and white women’s wallet gathered many a ‘thumbs up’. Against a clean, graphic background this piece’s genius was made all the more clear. You loved it!

Mandarina Duck would like to thank all of you who have engaged with us in any kind of way. We enjoy seeing your appreciation and reading how you feel about our products - that’s how we can continue to create the travel items and leather goods you know and love.

Mandarina Duck wishes you a 2016 filled with love, colour, travel, beautiful experiences and happiness!