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MD – The Art of Travel: Tel Aviv

The Middle East is a region with an ancient history, an ever--‐changing place where the Oriental and Western cultures meet. It’s home to a colourful array of cultures, stretching from Turkey to Central Asia and that’s why we at Mandarina Duck find it an ideal travel destination. It’s adventurous, it’s warm, the food is delicious and the surroundings intense!

This is especially true for Tel Aviv, a metropolis on the coast of Israel. With a clear-blue sky and deep blue sea, spacious sandy beaches, a surprisingly permissive culture and a varied culinary tradition, it’s a Middle Eastern gem absolutely worth visiting.

Here, we’ve listed three of our must see places in Tel Aviv.

Jaffa the Old Town

Known as one of the most romantic places in Tel Aviv, Jaffa is an ancient area made up of old winding streets, where crowds of people mill about the restaurants, shops and cafés away from the touristy city center.

 One of the oldest towns in the world, according to lore it’s where Jonas was swallowed by the whale, and where the Rock of Andromeda is just visible in the water. Take a walk on the Promenade, go to admire the Clock Square and find authentic gems in the Flea Market.

Banana Beach

Listed as one of Tel Aviv’s best beaches to visit, Banana Beach is located on its west flank shoreline. If you’re a bit of a bohemian then it’s perfect for you – on Friday evenings it becomes a sanctuary, with young people gathering here at sunset for drum circles, singing and dancing. On other days it’s perfectly calm and quiet place to sunbathe or play Matkot, an Israeli type of paddle ball.

Design Museum Holon

Opened only in 2010, the Design Museum Holon is already a landmark of the Tel Aviv area. Designed by the London--‐based Israeli architect Ron Arad, it’s an impressive curved structure split over two levels. Its red slabs of steel feel organic yet industrial, and contrast dramatically with the eternally blue skies of the area. Inside, exhibitions that touch upon both classic and contemporary product and furniture designs, about 100 international pieces that draw crowds who like to get away from the hustle and bustle of this multi-faceted city.