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MD loves: The Future Mapping Company

In East London, Columbia Road Flower market has almost sacred status among its residents. Every Sunday, this narrow, residential street transforms into a bustling, colourful flower market.

Everything from red roses to cacti, from tall palms to bonsai trees can be found here - complete with enthusiastic and boisterous flower sellers who are very knowledgeable about whatever you would like to know.

It’s an authentic experience, more so because along this street there are also many authentic little furniture shops, bookshops, small art galleries, pubs and cafés. If you’re looking for an eventful yet relaxed Sunday, this is the place to go.

Closeby, there are many small shops worth discovering. With our Mandarina Duck minds always on travel, our eye landed on the Future Mapping Company.

We take maps for granted, nowadays, with our easy access to GPS and travel apps, but there is something intensely gratifying about hand--‐made maps, crafted with the intriguing history of cartography in mind. 500 years ago the first maps were hand-painted, an almost forgotten feat of mathematical precision and actually taking the risk to sail out, explore and discover …

At the Future Mapping Company, these skills are elevated to a contemporary art form. Their love for the printing process and mission to bring back that old-fashioned sense of awe to a map, the Future Mapping Company creates custom-made maps that are not only functional but also beautifully designed. Everything is done in this East London studio by a devoted team, then printed either in the UK or Italy. You can even ask for a magnetic map, get it framed or coated in plastic.

It’s a great decoration idea, for yourself, or as a gift. Go and explore!