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Mandarina Duck Journal – Mexico City

Whether you’re backpacking it – with our Mandarina Duck bags as your perfect companions – or if you prefer to be in blissful relaxation – with our suitcases packed with the best holiday outfits – here’s one destination we’d like to highlight: Mexico City.

The region used to be the cradle of Aztec civilization and culture, is now the Mexican capital, located between the U.S. and South America.

New hotels, restaurants and art galleries are springing up there in quick succession, but there are also grand natural parks, historic museums and beautiful colonial buildings to be admired. Mexico City offers much for the adventurous traveler. Here are a few places to start ….

Museo Frida Kahlo

The name speaks for itself: in this family home of painter and Mexican national treasure Frida Kahlo, where she lived with her lover Diego Rivera, you can lean about the private life and the art of this artistic duo.

The Zocalo

As one of the world’s larges squares, the main square of Mexico City’s historic centre is also dubbed the Plaza de la Constitución. The Metropolitan Cathedral, a 16th century building is a must see to visit, with its mixture of different styles. Interesting fact: it was built on the Aztec’s Wall of Skulls. The National Palace is also located here.


As the largest Mexican restaurant in the world (2,200 patrons can be seated!), Arroyo is the best place to try out typical dishes like sheep barbacoa: barbecued shredded meat to stuff into tortillas, to be completed with whatever salsa topping you like. The place is a family favourite thanks to its colourful paper flags, a cockfighting pit and mariachi bands that liven up the already authentic atmosphere.