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Mandarina Duck Travels: Bali

Bali has been a popular destination for nature lovers, hippies and all-round beach lovers who like to enjoy pristine beaches, blue skies and tranquility. It’s for good reason that the Indonesian island in the Indian Ocean is called the ‘Island of Peace’.

There are six temples in Bali that are said to ward off evil, and one of them is perched upon a 70-metre cliff. At sunset every day, a Kecac dance is performed at the temple, which based on the Ramayana, an epic poem in Sanskrit.

A temple at the opposite end of the island’s altitudes is the one in the waters of Temple Bay. An abundance of Buddha statues – more than 400! – have been immersed in the Indian Ocean, creating a man-made coral reef there. They’ve been dropped there by sustainable eco-artists, so that this particular area of the sea can become blocked off and thus preserved.  Make sure to snorkel down!

Many adventurous visitors make a point of traversing Bali on foot and by scooter or motorbike. In order to be able to use both your hands and have full freedom of movement, Mandarina Duck recommends taking our signature RIVER hi-tech utility backpack with you. It’s handy and sturdy – able to take both sun and rain!

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