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Mandarina Duck Travels: Colombia

Travel is all about relaxation, taking in the beauty of nature and getting to know other cultures.

For the really adventurous, countries that have had periods of unrest are perhaps more interesting – they often don’t have an extensive infrastructure and there are still places that seem undiscovered or are at least uncorrupted by the overpowering tourist industry that sometimes destroys the authenticity of the experience.

Colombia is such a place. Its vast rainforest is part of the Amazonìa region, an ecological treasure that makes large swathes of the country impenetrable. Still, guided tours are possible, to visit the lost city of Tayuna for example.

Medellìn, a city in the country’s north-west, used to be the murder capital of the world – but you can be rest assured now: that’s more than a decade ago. Now, the city is a-buzz with new restaurants and bars, and a dynamic new wave of architecture, like its new modern art museum MAMM, a concrete cubist structure.

By the coast, Cartagena is a long-standing must-see where colourful colonial buildings reflect the sunlight and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, heightened by the laid-back but high-level culinary scene.

It’s clear: Colombia is definitely an entry on Mandarina Duck’s travel to-do list! The Francorosso website offers great deals on hotels and all-in packages, a good starting point to get to know this diverse and emerging South American country.