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Mandarina Duck Travels: Cuba

The bright turquoise blue Caribbean Sea is blessed with a great many paradisiacal islands. Cuba is perhaps the most mysterious and enigmatic.

Thanks to its tumultuous revolutionary history – Che Guevara’s likeness is revered in many public places such as the Revolutionary Square – access to the island has been limited (especially for Americans) but that era is over. Cuba has renewed its diplomatic ties with the U.S. – for the first time in more than half a century - and thus tourism is expected to increase in the next few years.

What are the places that will remain largely the same?

The old colourful colonial houses in the centre of Havana, a historical remnant of colonial times, have always been an optimistic reflection of the Cuban people’s sunny disposition. Many are now dilapidated, which adds to the charm.

Nature will always remain: the gorgeous beaches and endless bays where you can engage in water sports or simply catch some sun. If you like to take in both architecture and seaside at the same time, there’s the Malecon: an 8km long stretch of road with each of these on each side. It’s the definition of simple and beautiful Cuban living.

Given the country’s Communist ties, it’s unsurprising that for cosmopolitan food, one can head to the Cuban version of China Town, named El Barrio Chino.  But unlike in other cities’ China Towns, there are no Chinese people behind the pots and pans here – so get ready for some Cuban flavoured Chinese cuisine!

It’s easy to choose a suitcase to visit this vibrant country, one that incorporates just as many colours as this fascinating island has, in a playful way: the Logoduck Trolley.

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