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Mandarina Duck: a future-focused Italian brand

The images we preview here give us a taste of Mandarina Duck’s new Spring Summer 2015 Campaign. The bags and travel items, some of which are familiar designs, take center stage in a recognizably urban backdrop. “There ended up being quite a lot of pure sky and architecture in the pictures”, says Celestine Cooney, who styled the campaign. For inspirations, she looked to “the amazing eclectic architecture in Berlin - that mix of Bauhaus and Brutalist that's so specific to the city”.

 The London-based stylist, who also acts as Fashion Director to the niche publication Twin, has vivid memories of Mandarina Duck. “It was massive when I was growing up in Ireland. It was a cult bag label for my generation. So for me it always had an iconic 90's feel to it. It's something I wanted to bring out in the styling but also make it feel really modern and relevant at the same time. “

 Celestine’s view is testimony to how Mandarina Duck, from the ’70 up until today, continues on a tradition of innovation and modernity without losing sight of its history and heritage.

 Ben Weller, the London-based photographer also tapped for the job, has a similar feeling. “I remember Mandarina from when I was growing up”, he says. “I wanted to honour that and put my spin on it”. His visual starting point for the campaign was “architecture, colour, space, light and modernity.”

 As a team, Ben and Celestine were also able to improvise creatively and re-interpret the Mandarina Duck universe. “It was amazing to have that sense of freedom with a client and I think you can see that in the final images,” tells Celestine.

 It was a match sure to work out well, based on their previous collaborations. “I think we are really lucky to understand each other creatively which makes it a real pleasure making pictures with him,” explains Celestine . It's always such a collaboration and we have a lot of fun on our shoots. “We get each other and how to push each other and inspire each other,” confirms Ben. He laughs: “plus we both love drinking tea and eating!”