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Mandarina Duck loves – Suitcase Magazine

Traveling and holidays make one think of postcard scenery and picture-perfect images: whether it’s of sandy beaches, luscious green pastures or of pristine white mountaintops.

We all know the clichéd touristy photos and, on the other end of the spectrum, the almost National Geographic style vistas that are hard to top. But what about approachable, yet more-stylish-than-thou photographs that make us dream and make us long for an escape without seeming too hard to achieve?

A wonderful magazine, appropriately titled Suitcase does just that. In its aim to re-imagine the role of the travel magazine, Suitcase prefers to show the adventurous and eclectic instead of the impossibly luxurious hotels or disappointing tourist traps.

A wide range of topics, from art to photography, cuisines and interviews with notable locals, Suitcase’s expertise, thanks to a worldwide network of contributors, is a great way to get to know a place or culture.

It’s a travel magazine suited to today’s generation of creatives and entrepreneurs, – that would be you, Mandarina Duck blog reader! –, who are looking for new ways to travel and see the world.

With a print version coming out 4 times a year, a website that gives a daily dose of updates, handy apps, a series of pop-ups and events all over the world, Suitcase is the insider guide for adventurous travelers.

Check out their many tips, recommendations and stunning photo shoots online: and don’t forget to discover the print version in your magazine shop!