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Mandarina Duck loves: Aerodynamic umbrellas

The Netherlands, like its neighbors Belgium and – across the channel – the United Kingdom, is questionably blessed with a humid climate.

Great for agriculture, of course; but not so great for those situations where you find yourself unsuitably dressed for changeable weather conditions. In these countries, it happens often that you find yourself wearing sunglasses and carrying an umbrella at the same time.

The umbrella, interestingly, is a design that hasn’t changed much over the centuries that it exists, both in the function of parasol (protection against the sun) and parapluie (in French: against the rain).  So, most of them are shaped to shield us equally from all sides from nasty raindrops.

Senz°, a Dutch brand based in Delft, took a different approach. They shape their umbrellas in response to wind, an unavoidable element to rainfall. A design by Gerwin Hoogendoorn, a local industrial design student, it is formed like a stealth plane, aerodynamically built to withstand strong winds up to 100km/hour.

Very importantly, too, it won’t turn inside out like umbrellas frustratingly tend to do, and its spikes are equipped with ‘eye-savers’ to reduce the dangerous tips from poking out someone’s eyes!

In short, it’s a delightfully innovative design that pleases the eye – a thing of intelligent design such as Mandarina Duck champions.

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