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Mandarina Duck loves: App Aha

Many apps – applications on your smartphone that complete tasks, or track activity – have made our modern life infinitely easier for us.

There are apps to monitor your heart rate when you are exercising and apps that record your sleeping patterns. There are apps where you can find the perfect recipe for whatever ingredients you have in the fridge or occasions you are preparing for. There are apps that can even find you a romantic partner based on your personal preferences ….

With the holiday period in full swing now, the Aha app may just be what you are looking for when you have no idea what gift you want to offer your loved ones.

Ahalife, a retail platform that specializes in finding unique gifts, launched an app that makes it possible to send a (digital) card and a (real!) gift in no time. The app works through Facebook notifications of birthdays but you can use it to shop for other occasions as well, like Thanksgiving or Hanukkah.

It’s a typical example of what today’s busy modern person needs: a user-friendly way to deal with social responsibilities in a way that is still personal. Some people simply don’t like to shop around, some simply don’t have the time. But you still want to treat your friends, especially on birthdays or, like now, the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Get it here, and … happy gifting!