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Mandarina Duck loves: Foodie Dice

We’ve all been there: after a long day at work or doing your thing out and about, we get home and there is that daily question: what to have for dinner?

Adventurous as we know you Mandarina Duck Journal readers are, we’ve found the perfect solution for this conundrum, which will satisfy your hunger as well as appeal to your sophisticated taste buds.

Foodie Dice is a fun tool to help you out with coming up with inventing a delicious meal. Conceived as a classic dice game, all you need to do is roll the five primary dice, add a seasonal veggie dice and roll to discover one of up to 186,000 possible meal combinations.

Options in cooking methods, carbs, herbs, summer veggies, fall veggies and more can be supplemented with extra spices, a wild card of ingredients (from avocado to hot peppers) and – to top it all off – dessert.

And if you enjoy a tipple with your meal, this original company has also created a separate set of Mixology Dice, where you combine types spirits with types of sugars, liqueurs, herbs, spices, bitters, fruits and citrus types – all at the roll of your wrist. Playing with food has never been so practical …