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Mandarina Duck loves: Helena Almeida

A few weeks ago the world celebrated International Women’s Day, and that day is a great symbol of the need to highlight women’s achievements and mere presence in a society that still largely discriminates and overlooks women.

That’s why we focus on Helena Almeida for this journal entry, a female artist from Lisbon, Portugal, who is being honoured with a major retrospective in the Jeu de Paume museum in Paris, until the 22nd of May 2016.

The exhibition is titled ‘Corpus’ for two reasons: the word evokes both the 50 years of work Almeida produces, but also the presence of the body, an overarching theme in her oeuvre.

She used the body as a medium in her preferred medium of black and white photography to which she often added streaks of blue or red paint – a then innovative technique that allowed her to be part of the work herself, claim a space in her own art.

Her diverse work, from sketching, to choreography, photography and video, is emotional and strong, performative and expressive. Almeida is still active today – thinking and making her evocative and brilliantly conceptual work.

An inspiring woman in the spirit of Mandarina Duck!

Watch a video on Almeida’s practice here:

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