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Mandarina Duck loves: Hoxton Mini Press

An illustrated book picturing the diversity of haircuts from the back, another one with photographs of newborns during their very first day on this planet, and another of swimmers doing their thing regardless of the weather. What binds  these small books is one overarching theme: the lives of the amazing breath of people who live in East London’s Hackney.

It all started with one book about an 86-and-a-half year old man, Joseph Markovitch, who has only left his hometown once in his life – to go to the seaside with his mother – who bumped into Martin Usborne at the park. They struck up a conversation and from one thing came another: Usborne decided to publish a small volume about the charming old man. Together with his partner Ann Waldvogel, it lead to them founding a small printing company named Hoxton Mini Press, devoted to documenting the beautiful, strange, unique and comical about what there is to be seen in a London neighborhood that has over the years attracted artists, hipsters, fashion students and creatives of all sorts.

It’s a genuine and respectful look into one of the Western world’s most diverse communities where old and new, black and white – and everything in between - , conservative and liberal live side by side. Find out more about all of their books here: