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Mandarina Duck loves: Iris Apfel

Kanye West became a shy, admiring fan when he first met Iris Apfel at the 2011 CFDA awards. Designers Isaac Mizrahi and Duro Olowu are inspired by her. At one point, you could spot the 94-year old style icon being followed around by a group of students from the University of Texas, when she led the Undergraduate Track program in the Divisions of Textiles and Apparel.

Iris Apfel is a personality full of energy, positivity, creativity and irreverence – the kind of person who is not afraid to be seen – or be seen as eccentric – and who dresses in deliciously eclectic combinations of bright colours, big shapes and diverse textures.

"Getting dressed is the least of my worries," she explains when prompted. “It has to be in your DNA, though you have to cultivate it once you have it".

Now retired from her role as co-founder of an interior design company with her husband Carl, the couple travels the world. The clothes she buys on these trips are artisanal, ‘ethnic’ garments which she combines with her existing wardrobe, true to her colourful and refreshing eye. That definitely got her noticed: her style has been celebrated by the Metropolitan Museum in New York’s Costume Institute about 10 years ago, and this year, 2015, a documentary about Apfel was released.

In the film, it becomes clear Apfel is a true veteran of individuality, youthfulness and a master of hues. That’s why we at Mandarina Duck love her: there’s no age to style or how you carry yourself in colour – just see for yourself!