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Mandarina Duck loves: Small Houses

 With the world’s population booming and less and less space available, in the future we’ll have to find solutions for housing: it needs to become smaller, more eco-friendly, and most of all they need to be well-engineered, modern and aesthetically pleasing.

Great design is what we at Mandarina Duck love, and if we wouldn’t be travelling so much, these are the small but perfectly formed homes we’d love to hole up in.

  1. 1. This Tokyo house was designed by Japanese studio YUUA Architects & Associates. Only 1.8 metres wide but divided over 4 floors, it’s cosy and reasonably spacious. Perfect for one person and a cat!
  2. 2. This compact house, on the edge of a forest in Hohenecken, just outside the city of Kaiserslautern in south-west Germany, is raised on stilts. With two rooms, measuring 3 metres wide, it’s clad with timber, offering plenty of privacy.
  3. 3. Another house – aptly named Slim House – squeezed between two existing buildings can be found in London. It used to be a dark stable, but now, thanks architects alma-nac, its sloped roof increases ceiling height, so maximum light can be let in. It’s only 2.3 metres wide, but since the house covers 3 floors, it’s as spacious as any house.