How do I return an online purchase?

To return an item purchased online please contactour Customer Service by filling out the form found at the page Contact us.

You cannot return an item purchased online to Mandarina Duck stores.

Is the return shipping free of charge for the Customer?

The return shipping cost is up to Mandarina Duck only within 14 days from the original delivery date, if using UPS courier. When the item arrives at Mandarina Duck warehouse, the refund process will start. The amount of the refund will not include the original shipping cost.
Mandarina Duck will take neither responsibility nor will offer any compensation for returned goods, damaged or lost during transportation by carriers other than UPS.

Can I return a good, shipping it from a country which is different from the original delivery country?

Returns can be shipped only from the country of origin of the order.

What is the identification card and what is it for?

Every Mandarina Duck product is delivered with an identification card containing its product number. This guarantees it is a genuine product. If, for any reason, you would like to exchange the product, this ID card must not be removed.

When will refunds be carried out?

The timeframe for your reimbursement depends on the refund processing, firstly in the U.S. and then in Italy. We apologize in advance for any delay should you experience. Your refund will be directly credited on your PayPal account.