Mandarina Duck is an innovative brand offering creative and original solutions with a contemporary, informal style to a demanding, curious, positive and on-the-move consumer.  It is able to offer an extraordinary level of functionality thanks to an unmatched combination of solutions and smart design, unconventional materials, original use of colour and painstaking attention to detail. The emotions channelled by the product are not purely aesthetical, but express an interest in finding functional, smart and original solutions.

The appeal of the collections goes beyond mere "form" to comprehensively involve the senses of touch and sight; these senses must be coordinated and channelled by a broader, global project that can perceive and act on cultural shifts and changes in taste.


  • 1989 >

    Fortune Italy Mandarina Duck is picked as one of the most innovative companies of the 80's.

  • 1996 >

    Demoskopea Mandarina Duck is named as one of the legends of the last 50 years.

  • 1997 >

    European Textile Industry Meryl Award.

  • 1998 >

    GarnDesign Top design of the year.

  • 1999 >

    Fashion Epica Gold

  • 1999 >

    A&D & Young Design Award

  • 2000 >

    Guggenheim Enterprise and Culture Award For the Arts project Search For Art.

  • 2002 >

    8th International Achitecture exhibition in Venice Golden Lion award.

  • 2003 >

    Mario Bellavista Award Gold award plaque for the best Advertisement campaign and Silver award plaque for packaging.

  • 2003 >

    G-Mark Award

  • 2008 >

    Travel and Leisure Award Y’s Mandarina Collection.

  • 2014 >

    Mipel-issima Tank case, 2nd prize for the most innovative product.


Today, the company’s distribution is settled in worldwide owned retail stores in cities such as Barcelona, Berlin, Bologna, Dubai, Florence, Miami, Milan, Paris, Rome, Seoul, Shanghai and the wholesale  network includes more than 500 selective point of sales as well as concessions in leading Department Stores in Europe and Asia.

 Mandarina Duck also displays its products in important travel retail and duty free locations: among others, Rome Fiumicino airport, Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate airport, Bologna airport, Munich airport, Singapore Changi airport, Lotte and Shilla Duty Free stores in South Korea as well as China Duty Free Mall in Haitan Bay, China.

 The company partners also with a network of distributors in all major non-EU markets (including Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, U.A.E., Turkey, Israel, Russia, Columbia, Mexico and a direct branch development in the first half of 2015 is foreseen for China and the US market.


People who travel for business need tools that will make them stand out. People who travel for work need tools that are highly professional. People who travel for love need tools that can carry every kind of emotion. People who travel for pleasure need tools that can satisfy their curiosity.   We offer all this.